Thursday, July 8, 2010


As aptly titled, I decided to open a new site on blog sphere simply because...i want to. :) After almost 4 years, I've finally 'shred off' from whatever 'bad-chi-skin' I had throughout that particular period of time, from one particular kaishain. Hence the url name - greenerpasturechacha + insyaAllah.

As such this site will be serve as my new raving platform of my new life as gakusei at the oldest university in this country. ( you don't really need to be an einstein to figure that out, unless you don't know square about malaysian history)

With this new place, also means I've added another link to my name in the wireless world.( loser?) perhaps, but there's always two ways of looking at things. And I'd like to see it as another place that I would start new, just like my current state now - new MA student.

I am lucky. (aren't i?) Alhamdulillah. For getting what I want and on the path to my dream. If life is a dream, I'm definitely living it. That's how lucky I am ( for now) and hope it lasts and continuing being catalyst in my life for more beautiful, awarding things in life. Enriching my soul as a person, a daughter, a wife and a mom.

In retrospect to the life that I had before, prior to that glorious official date of 23rd June 2010-I was an angry person. Especially after that 'black-weekend' and more rebellious than I ever been towards the end of my employment. So bitter, that those who didn't understand me would have thought I'm unapproachable or very menacing type of person. The rookies were scared of me. I was not enjoying this of course, but once we do get acquainted, most of the time - I'd clicked! I'm actually very the opposite of the nature that I've been wearing during that 4 years of my adulthood.

To those who know me from childhood, teens, tertiary realm - would instantly agree that I'm very bubbly, cheerful, more often than not - crazy, delightful, i miss PMS too :) you know a lil bit of this and that, and I'm all me.

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