Tuesday, November 2, 2010


1. For the gezillion times, i've been slacking off when it comes to writing me thoughts on this blogsphere. I've got so many things to jot down and tell the world, really i had alot of amusing tales to share, but again the poor internet connection in my housing area via my iphone was what hindering me from posting any updates.

2. No! i am not whining. Just mere sharing my inner thoughts and justification for the reasons why i have been slacking off to write.

3. Now that finals is closing in..( end of this month - november), i find myself locked in with no way out from hell on earth. LOL, yes, this university despite its glorious-media hyped- status, is nothing but...(at least for my department)

4. No doubt it is trying to live up to its reputation being the so-called number one in this country and struggling to keep its status among the best uni in the region..(which it had failed in the last few years) BUT it doesn't have to be a daft about it.

5. What is the good of nurturing a student to its full potential in academia, if those students are not made aware of any of their potentials? No feedbacks, so -called restriction by the virtue of 100% trust on the lecturer's credibility..Bah. Bull!

6. I am not dissing the lecturers mind you. I am dissing the restriction. the so-called status imperative if this uni wants to make its ISO what not.

7. Where is the logic? Shouldn't a student be told or acknowledge of their own flops? Their mistakes, their weaknesses, their strengths? So that they can improve more, study harder; all of which will proved beneficial to both sides not just the students.

8. BUT hell no. this uni, doesn't think so. I find it is so undemocratic in a way, preposterous almost for such system as this being implemented.

9. And so amid all that undemocracy, bizzarreness...the students are expected to know-it-all..regardless, while there is no help from the other end - except blunt "don't panic, do your best"

10. the absurdity goes beyond imagination.

11. Don't get me started with the imcompentence of the workforce. at least one in particular. Not only that person doesn't do much, except warms the seat everytime throughout lecture time, that person also so-called puts a high level of ethics or professionalisme that he/she thinks possessed by not HELPING students even if it means aiding with notes that he/she gives away during lecture. Adding more insult to injure, that person is the only person who didn't do any test/quizzes - so how the hell are we supposed to exercise ourself with finals that carry massive 50% marks?

12. For all the hyped- the branding- this uni is indeed a champion of all champions but on the ground, it really needs a lot more to master to boast itself in academia.

13. Alas, all the students are in the department, paying the scrap out of their pockets or in case of lucky fews the scrap of someone else's pockets for this whole 1 -2 years in academia..simply put, we pay for your salaries..now though we don't expect for you to spill the finals exams question before hand, or have an open book test- AT LEAST be dignified in sustaining the system of EDUCATING another soul not reprimand them or fry them to bits because oh-you-dont-understand? (hell yeah, because the teachers themselves don't except textbook style)

14. I miss dearly two individuals of the department that has quit the job last month..for in my opnion, those two were the epitome of good ol' academician.